auckland aerial photographer

See the big picture with aerial photography

Drone technology has come along way in recent years and it is now at a point where you can achieve remarkable results without too much fuss. Whether it be still or moving footage, aerial photography/videography provides a unique perspective. Catalyst currently operates under the Civil Aviation Authority Part 101 Regulations. There are a number of safety considerations and laws that need to be followed when operating a drone. Catalyst is aware of these requirements and will only undertake work that is safe and within the Part 101 regulations. 


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Our technology is not restricted to where someone can walk eg.  Taking a photo looking back at a property on a hill top, or above water.



Aerial photography makes it possible to show the property's proximity to local amenities eg. Shopping malls, sports stadiums, beaches.



Encompassing high aerial shots with map style views showcase the entire land and subdivisions.

Auckland aerial drone photographer